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Adjustable Iron The blade on this adjustable iron can rotate 360 degrees. Its unique shape allows the blade to look and perform the same way for either left or right-handed golfers. The shape and thinness of the blade, however, made it difficult to hit the ball solidly. Roger Brown Iron This rake iron was covered under the 1904 British patent issued to James Roger of Glasgow, Scotland. Roger's club was produced in conjunction with J.R. Brown's rake irons; hence, it was named after James Roger and James Brown. In 1992, a Roger Brown sold for $14,000. Rees Wizard Putter Patented in the U.S. in 1916 by George Rees, this putter has a telescoping alignment rod that fits inside the head when not in use. To deploy the rod as shown, simply push down the plate on the back of the bronze head and watch the spring-loaded rod automatically swing out into position. The rod extends to three times its collapsed length. In 1989 a Rees Wizard sold for $7,500. Dual Face Iron The designers thought that the lower section of the face would pass under the ball, giving the ball the necessary loft to lift it out of the rough or sand. The upper section, which has considerably less loft, would then contact the ball and give it distance not possible with an ordinary lofting club. This early 1900s gunmetal iron is marked with the names of Ashley Davey and F. Hopper, two British professionals.

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