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Ace Update Congratulations to Mrs. Norman Osterheiser for her hole-in-one on Saturday, November 7. She hit a 104-yard three-wood shot on the par-3 third hole right into the cup preceded by two bounces. This was Mrs. Osterheiser's first ever hole-in- one. The excited foursome consisted of the Osterheisers and their out-of- town guests the Mr. Ted Fraleys. Quite a number of members commented favorably to Mr. and Mrs. Osterheiser for their selection of Champagne, liqueurs and beers, as well as the fine menu of appetizers, lobster and prime rib they felt obligated to purchase for the nearly 300 congratulators who showed up out of nowhere for the post hole-in-one celebration in the Apawamis Dining Room immediately after word got out. Members please remember that your holes-in-one do not count if you took a mulligan on the first tee! Lost and Found Great news! Toby Wilson, the son of Dr. and Mrs. Tobias Wilson, was found! One of our alert golf course maintenance workers found him quite high up in the magnificent white oak tree that borders the turn at the dogleg of the par 5 11th hole. The FBI search was immediately called off. Thank you also to the Alsops who kept Toby for several days as the Wilsons returned from their summer/fall vacation in Morocco and the Greek ruins. Thanks for all the postcards! Let's Do Lunch It has come to the attention that a number of members are upset at being charged $7.95 for the obtaining of a single cookie from the Bob O'Link lunch buffet. It is the clubs policy that those who take a cookie or even a slice of chocolate cake as they walk by the buffet are charged full price for the buffet. Neither is it appropriate to eat large quantities of just one item For instance, the taking of the entire pork shank to your table. The club prefers that members and their guest provide themselves with several different food items and encourage others to do the same. As of December 1, the lunch buffet will cost $8.25! Tournament Report We're looking forward to seeing Mrs. Bill Sturkey defend her Ladies Club Championship this month on the 6th and 7th. What a thrilling tournament it was last year when Mrs. Sturkey chipped in off a sprinkler head—denying relief!— on the 18th hole to force the tournament into a playoff with Mrs. Milton Blustergarden. On the tee of the first playoff hole it was finally and unfortunately discovered that Mrs. Blustergasrden had exceeded the USGA limit on clubs as she was using all 19 in her bag, so Mrs. Sturkey captured the coveted championship without having to experience the pressure of a playoff on our tough 18th hole. You'll remember that the husbands acted as caddies for the first time in our Ladies Club Championship history. What a learning experience it was for all the couples who participated in the tournament! Maintenance Report Our clubhouse maintenance supervisor, Roy Rob Brown, has informed us the St. Andrews stall in the men's locker room facility is back in action! You'll remember that the commode was imploded around the time of the recent Junior Tournament. Rob Roy also informs us that the mouthwash containers now have mouthwash in them as opposed to aftershave. Thank you, Roy Rob! Greens Report Finally, in a surprise announcement, the Greens Committee voted to renovate all the greens beginning immediately, so we will be playing on temorary greens for at least two years. Thanks for your patience! • by Todd Sentell life in the bunkers Bogey Bulletin Between the lines of the club newsletter

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