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30 A Nickname From "Lefty" to "Captain Hook," a well-earned nickname is the source of endless fun. Arnold Palmer's Autograph If we only had a nickel for every fan whose greatest golf memory involves meeting the most beloved player of all time. A Set of Forged Irons Above all else, golf is a game of feel, and nothing feels sweeter than a pured five-iron from a set of forgings. They are objects of art, and should be treated as such. Local Knowledge One green moves faster than the slopes of Chamonix, the next has a subtle double break. You know the difference, and your cocky brother-in-law is toast. A Shoebox of Old Scorecards This is the golfer's scrapbook. It doesn't matter whether they're meticulously organized or thrown in a pile, just as long as it's all there— from a first season 106 at the local cow pasture to that glorious 78 at Bandon Dunes. A "Glove Tan" Your right hand is George Hamilton. Your left hand is paler than Keith Richards. Otherwise you're not putting in enough time on the links. A Copy of Ben Hogan's "Five Lessons" Quite simply, the greatest instructional book ever written. At Least One Lesson Every Season Because it's good form to support your club pro. And because there's a good chance that the seemingly innocuous swing tip you got from your stock broker will start costing you serious money. A Bartender Who Knows What "The Usual" Means And knows how your round went just by the tone of your voice. golfer essentials for every Golfers spend a lifetime chasing their own Holy Grails. Some come easy, while other coveted dreams may never come true. From scorecards to rare clubs, from the indispensable to the utterly gratuitous, the following is our list of things every golfer should have... by Tom Dunne

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